Thanks to the size of our group and its close link with Renault Group, thanks to our diverse and wide range of expertises and functions, and as we commit ourselves to always provide the best services to our customers, we can offer career opportunities that meet one’s motivations.

We do encourage internal and functional mobility as it is a key lever in skill development for our employees. We also offer them international experiences linked with our business projects.

Our HR policies are made to recognize everyone’s contribution on both individual and collective sides. We are attentive to quality of life at work, as we look for the best balance between worklife and our personal life.

key figures

  • 4,000Employees
  • 35Countries
  • 9Car brands

international mobility at Mobilize Financial Services

Serving all the automotive brands of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Mobilize Financial Services has a workforce of 4,000 people in 36 countries.

This international aspect is a key part of the way we work, with regular cooperation between countries and headquarters, cross-functional teams, international mobilities…

Meet some of our employees to discover their rich career paths within the group.

meet our employees

The characteristics of HR directors and HR people differ greatly by countries, which is very interesting.

Jiwoong BAEK
Human resources manager

Changing things, it's something I regularly try to do in the different projetcs I've led at RCI Bank and Services.

Alice Altemaire
CEO at RCI Bank UK
United Kingdom

We always aim to be more customer-centric and this team is always tryning to fulfill this goal.

Pilar Balguerias-Amian
Data project manager