a sustainability strategy based on 3 pillars

for a green future

Care for well-being

Opportunities for all

for a green future

Carbon neutrality in 2050

We have been financing electric vehicles since 2013. In 2021 it has represented around 10% of our new financings mix. We have also launched our first green deposits in the UK and some subsidiaries have defined green action plans. However, climate and environmental stakes require us to go further, and we intend to continue to build out our green initiatives to create a positive impact. Aligned with Renault Group environmental and societal strategy, we are committed to reduce our CO2 emissions, inviting our partners to join us on this journey. 

some concrete initiatives 

We support Mobilize Power Solutions which is now actively engaging with UK businesses that wish to invest in their own EV charging infrastructure. Our UK subsidiary allows corporate customers to finance vehicles and infrastructure or infrastructure only. 

RCI Bank our UK subsidiary dedicated to online savings launched in November 2021 our first green savings product: RCI Bank E-Volve Saver. This new product is designed to help drive the switch to electric vehicles, in a step towards tackling climate change. 

To promote the use of electric vehicles, our French subsidiary offers the service Switch Car (formerly named VR Liberté service) to all its customers who own or lease a Renault or Nissan electric vehicle. This service gives them access to a wide-range choice of combustion-engine cars for a certain number of days of the year, defined in advance in the option they subscribed. 

care for well-being

Our main 5 countries certified by Great Place to Work in 2024

The health and well-being of our employees and their families are important to us. Our employees expect their jobs to bring a significant sense of purpose to their lives.  

The Great Place to Work survey will help us to take a picture of our situation today, and to find improvement levers in terms of well-being at work, to make us better than we are, to make us grow through our values.

some concrete initiatives 

Our subsidiary in Brazil set up a flexible remote system in favor of the balance between work and personal life. Employees can work from home on a full-time basis and can come to the office whenever they want. Thanks to that, Brazil has been recognized as the 4th Great Place to Work in Brazil in 2021 in the “under 1000 employees” category. We won 47 positions compared to 2020. 

RCI Bank and Services España is recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work in Spain in 2021, according to the Great Place to Work survey. Our Spanish subsidiary reached the 15th position in the “50 to 500 Employees” category. This is a result of the collaborative culture of the company, characterized by values such as respect, trust, and commitment and a HR policy that fits to all employees.

opportunities for all

40% of women in the top positions of the group by 2024

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values: embracing the difference is one of the key asset of our group. Through training and acculturation at all levels of the organization, we empower employees against all kind of discrimination. Providing equal access to opportunities, resources and services to all, will promote the achievement of our sustainable progress and our transformation.

some concrete initiatives

RCI Financial Services UK have been recognized as one of the UK’s Best Workplace for Women 2021 and successfully achieved 9th place in the large organization category. This award recognizes various initiatives: several internal promotions were given to women, including top positions of the company. Job descriptions evolve to gender bias neutral, focusing on ensuring the wording used does not unconsciously deter women from applying for roles. 

  • Professional equity agreement - France 

This agreement has been signed in France which promotes gender equity, the fight against discrimination and harassment and the awareness of disabilities with several initiatives like a recruitment objective of women in management position, training about anti-discrimination and anti-stereotyping, personalized measures and securization of professional path for people with disabilities, and more. 

  • Inclusion days – Group 

At the occasion of Internationnal women’s day, all group employees were invited to participate to a 2-days event dedicated to diversity, inclusion and equality. This event have been organized to raise awareness on these topics by presenting several initiatives, discussions between employees and experts and more. 

June 07th, 2022

sustainability manifesto - Mobilize Financial Services

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a benchmark ESG rating in our industry

RCI Banque was assessed by Sustainalytics in terms of ESG performance. The ESG Risk Ratings measure a company's exposure to industry-specific material ESG risks and how well a company is managing those risks. Our rating reflects that the group's exposure is Low and that management of ESG Material Risk is Strong.

Last update: May 17, 2022.

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green bonds

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