Who hasn’t considered acquiring an electric vehicle as a way of reducing their carbon footprint? But then again, how can I guarantee there will be enough battery range to get to my travel destination? What if there aren’t any charging stations near my vacationing spot?

This type of uncertainties still prevent some potential customers from acquiring an electric vehicle, even when doing so would suit their needs 90% of the time. It is with this in mind that our subsidiary in Spain decided to work on solutions aimed at reassuring customers and helping them take the leap.

Since July, it has offered “select N drive” to customers who acquire an electric vehicle (Zoe or Kangoo). With this mobility solution, customers can use a combustion-engine vehicle, a Renault Mégane, for 15 days per year without any additional fees.

Select N Drive: a convenient solution for customers

This offer is free for two years, and can then be extended at a premium rate, either as part of a financing plan or independently.

In order to have access to the combustion-engine vehicle; the customer is only required to request the car at least seven days before the pick-up date.

Wherever possible, pick-ups are made at a dealer in the Renault network, or else at a dealership belong to one of the four partners in this offer, among the leaders in car rental services in Spain: Europcar, Sixt, Enterprise, and Hertz.

Moreover, the combustion-engine vehicle provided includes all-risk insurance coverage.

Since its launch, select N drive has won over 154 customers who made the leap and are now driving a Renault electric vehicle.

This solution helps achieve a double goal for RCI Bank and Services: help customers who still hesitate to use an electric vehicle and support automaker brands – particularly Groupe Renault - in the transition towards electromobility. Select N drive is part of the services developed by our group to overcome the impediments to changing to electric vehicles, such as the VR Liberté service in France (“freedom” relief vehicle).